Trenake Farm


Trenake Farm has been in our family for 5 generations and is still farmed by three family members and three full time employees. The farm was originally 250 acres at the beginning of the 80's, Today we are farming over 1000 acres in total. 375 are owned with the remainder on farm tenancies. There are three main enterprises. Dairy, Beef & Arable.

We have 340 Holstein/Friesian pedigree dairy cows which are milked twice a day at 4.45am & 2.30pm producing 3,500,000 Litres of milk a year.All animals born and bred on the farm are reared and finished here.

The arable crops we grow are currently; Grass, Maize, Triticale, Wheat, Barley, Beans and Lucerne (Alfalfa). All these crops are used on the farm to feed the cattle.

Other animals on the farm include Horses, ponies, dogs and cats. In the last 12 months The British trust of ornithology have recorded 49 species of birds on the farm.